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TaskStatusDeadlineLink to descriptionComments
TaskStatusDeadlineLink to descriptionComments
Webapp complete New 1. august 2015   
Simple price table for pricing based on price table entered in spreadsheet by Polyteknikk New  https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/spreadsheets/d/1gXZK18JOwa6EwBap23dYYX0Pp4U2V9gVqs6FIQI_zSM/edit#gid=0  
Polyteknikk will own the sourcecode for the app. Backend script runs at Glasslink Google for Work account on Polyteknikk user. Front end script runs at Polyteknikk webhotell (polyteknikk.no) New 1. august 2015   
Responsive design that adjusts to all platforms: Desktop, Tablet, Phone. (recent versions of major browsers) New 1. juni 2015   
Log-in function with email and password for “My Site” New 1. juni 2015   
“Wizard” for entering order: size, shape, holes, text (font and size), images/icons New 1. juni 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/drawings/d/1QXC3B36YL-mDygNcAYpzD-KfgWH1YrjKMQftldMUKTY/edit  
Norwegian and English language New 1. juni 2015   
Dashboard with order history, charts and facebook feed.  New 1. juni 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/drawings/d/1pCaYjbdIfgmDsBNViQ0DK4eVmVuu-q5vbqmtE-QdALU/edit  
Report sent to Polyteknikk once per week with quantity of orders sent on the webapp New 15. juli 2015   
Dynamic visualization of the sign as data is entered  New 15. juli 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/drawings/d/1QXC3B36YL-mDygNcAYpzD-KfgWH1YrjKMQftldMUKTY/edit  
Image of the sign also on each orderline in the app. This also for uploaded customer files.  New 15. juli 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/drawings/d/1klq_aI0l4WDEdymhws0nA3KJ0ra_RiwwL2wqoJhiQOM/edit  
Customizing of files for uploading for each customer.  New 15. juli 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/glasslink.no/spreadsheets/d/1GED85_bKxPXiVuPSDDdwO44jvEDNxo2SQrgAnOAv8JI/edit#gid=587690207 Sample of file for uploading 
Send order generated by email to Polyteknikk with the order attached as PDF. PDF contains customerinfo, size and spec of the sign with visual image New 15. juli 2015   
Create order and optional save as draft  New 1. juni 2015   
Customer database with order history. Storage on 3rd party service. New 15. juli 2015   
Copy of order goes to the sender as a receipt New 15. juli 2015   
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